Cats need 21 toys in their lifetime
The soft and agile body, the flexible claws, the large and strong fangs and excellent vision and hearing, these characteristics of the cats make them natural hunters. They are smart and alert, they yearn for freedom. But now cats as a domestic animal have had a hard time having the opportunity to show their hunter attributes. They can only spend time sleeping and dazing.
All the year round, how to do a good job of pet care
All the year round, take turns to exchange, each season has idea, keep pets at home will be special idea, spring recovery of all things, the sun is shining, the weather gets warmer, many owners can make pet "sun" in the sun, sun to accumulation of bad luck in in the winter, but long time exposure can cause a lot of damage for the dog skin, strong ultraviolet ray can skin burns. Shading is the first step of spring care, therefore, in the sunlight is more intense, cloth curtain block sunlight as far as possible, if it is outside, put on your clothes to give the dog dog. This season is the flea active period, dogs and cats pets often into the outdoor lawn and flea is opportunity attached to them, so this time must be to do a good job of cleaning. The parasite has yet to start activities before they can cure defense. Bacteria are particularly active at this time, the spring is given priority to with respiratory diseases, is mainly transmitted by close contact with people and pets, especially children, often in play with the dog after licking his hand, these are the most direct route of transmission. So must be preventive measures.
China pet products preempted market development
A spate of pet food and pet supplies market formation was originally belongs to the economy of Europe and the United States and other developed countries, our country is in the developing countries, for they are life of luxury. With the continuous development of our country economy, people living standard rise, all kinds of factors such as the formation of the culture of pet and pet wind also appeared in some developed areas in China. The main body of a large number of rich people became a noble pet consumption, these people or pets as their family, friends, while others use them to flaunt their high grade life, there is also a kind of people are in pursuit of fashion. Lead to the development of the pet supplies, pet growth and cover more and more widely.
Pet clothing: win in seize the customer's desire
There's a big difference between men and women have pets, men raising pets, don't like to give pets too much fancy decoration. While women quietly, on the other hand, walking in the street, just look at the pet clothes are almost all female of, even the guys take, must have stood beside a woman. This is inevitable, in the form of a woman is born with psychology. As enterprises in the pet industry, how to get consumer recognition, the heaviest if meet their dress.