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Pet clothing
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Pet clothing


Nantong Zhenyu Pet Supply Co., Ltd. (“Zhenyu” for short) integrates the development, production and marketing of high-quality pet toys, clothes and

plastic products, with mature production technology and rich marketing experience.

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Pet clothing not only has a variety of styles and exquisite workmanship, but also is divided into various sizes according to the size of the pet. The buttons, zippers, and pockets are all complete, just like children's clothing.

With changes in season, temperature, and length of sunlight, the density and length of pet fur will be automatically adjusted to maintain a constant body temperature, thereby ensuring the stability of its immune system.

From this perspective, the clothing, shoes, and hats worn on pets have instead become their shackles and even a catalyst for disease. After wearing clothing, shoes, and hats, pets cannot fully utilize their cleaning and constant temperature abilities, thereby reducing their immunity and even causing them to rely on clothing, shoes, and hats. Once accumulated to a certain extent, or if clothing, shoes, and hats are not worn properly, there is a possibility of illness. If the owner must dress up their pet, they should also try to shorten the wearing time as much as possible.

Even if you dress your pet, the clothes must fit properly, otherwise it can lead to mental exhaustion, restlessness, and even illness. Pet clothing should also be frequently changed and washed, and must not be washed together with the owner's clothing, otherwise it can easily cause some infectious diseases.

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